MyDocSafe Integration


If you would like to distribute payslips securely to employee portals from MoneySoft payroll software to MyDocSafe, this article is for you.
Here is how to do this:

Configure MoneySoft

1. Tick the option to add employee ID to the payslip file name in MoneySoft. Select TOOLS and SETUP on the menu and tick this option and press OK:

2. Run payroll, export payslips in pdf format. To do that select PAY and PAY DETAILS on the menu and you’ll see a screen like this:

3. Then select PAY and EMPLOYEE‘S PAYSLIPS on the menu and on the next box press ALL on press OK:

4. A report will then appear with several payslips on it. To save those as PDFs click this button:

Configure MyDocSafe

1. Secure document distribution works only with Client Portals that have Subportals enabled.

2. Create Subportals for employees in MyDocSafe. If each portal represents a company, create employee subportals in each company portal.

3. for each employee’s portal add a label that is equal as the Employee’s ID from the payslip. You are then ready to start document distribution.

4. Run payslip distribution

Drag/drop or upload your payslips and click the distribution button:

If all files are successfully distributed, the folder will become empty again. If some files failed to be distributed, they will remain in the folder with an error message attached.

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