MyDocSafe workflow templates

A library of workflow templates

Defining a library of workflow templates. A library of workflow templates is a collection of pre-designed, standardised, and reusable workflow structures that businesses or individuals can use as a starting point for various processes and tasks. These templates are typically created to streamline and automate common business processes, saving time and ensuring consistency in how […]

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Sending emails to former clients

Emailing current and former clients – consent rules

Emailng your clients – do I need to worry about consent rules? Current requirements for obtaining consent before sending someone an email have become increasingly stringent in recent years, driven by concerns over privacy and data protection. In many jurisdictions, including the European Union under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar regulations worldwide, […]

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People laughing in an office

One liner jokes, quiz questions and fun facts

If you are reading this and it is still holidays, it is likely that you are sitting in an empty office or working from home, while most of your colleagues took off for the beach.   If that is the case, this article is for you, if only to cheer you up a little. Not everyone […]

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Communicating with clients via portals mydocsafe

Communicating through client portal software: picking the right tone of voice and medium

Secure client portals are designed to be communication hubs, but with a large number of communication mediums available, one needs to carefully design one’s communication strategy with clients in order to hit just the right notes.  From the right tone, through the right frequency and the right content, how you communicate will impact cusotmer satisfaction […]

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