January 2024 Release notes

MyDocSafe Price plans - new

Welcome to our January 2024 release notes.  Here is what is new:

New pricing plans

  • We have revamped our pricing plans to make them more affordable to low volume users.
  • Existing subscribers can switch to new plans (but can’t move back to the old ones once they do).
  • Internal users who are not account owners can no longer view the subscription page
  • You can view the pricing plans in Home/Settings/Subscription & Billing/Change Plan or through our public page mydocsafe.com -> Pricing

New ID verification services available via workflows:

  • Our new identity verification partner is Yoti
  • You can now use ID services from Yoti through our portal workflows
  • Your clients will be able to take a selfie and snap a photo of their ID seamlessly

What is coming next:

  • Sending SalesFlows to Prospects without requiring a login – to make the sales process much faster and convenient to your clients