MyDocSafe for Accounts Payable

Secure your accounts with our seamless invoice fraud detection system

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Instant notifications and automated actions when bank details of approved vendors are suddenly changed

Monitor and trace all updates, including database changes from within your company

Automated onboarding processes to approve vendor/supplier account changes

A blockchain-based, trustless fraud detection system

Enterprise-only – currently in beta testing


Stop invoice fraud in your organisation

  • Invoice fraud is a growing problem that costs businesses hundreds of millions per year. Read more here

Boost security with trustless, Blockchain-based system

  • Even if our own database is compromised and populated with fraudster’s bank details the system will still not approve the invoice because each such action requires a comparison of ‘fingerprints’ of bank details with a public ledger – Ethereum in our case.
  • Fingerprints are meaningless on their own, therefore can be stored in a public ledger.

Automate and secure vendor onboarding process

  • Design and deploy end-to-end onboarding workflows for a fully automated vendor on-boarding experience.
  • Automate approval of changed vendor details, especially bank account details.

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