August 2016

Welcome to our August newsletter!  We have recently released a number of exciting features which we summarised for you below.  We hope you will enjoy them.

We have made document approval and signing even easier. 

You can now send a set of documents for signing in one go.  You no longer need to input signees’ details for each document separately.  You can select a group of documents and a group of signees in one operation.  For the process overview and easy step-by-step guide go here.

You can now send a circular for approval to an entire list of contacts in one go.  All you have to do is to set up a group of contacts and follow an easy step-by-step guide here.  Distributing, signing and storing of standard operating procedures, terms of business, and policy documents is now easier and cheaper than ever before.  With MyDocSafe you are ‘audit ready’.

Add yourself to the signee list is just one click.

You can now ‘add yourself’ to the signee list by clicking a button rather than manually inputting your email address.

Import your contacts from a file.

You can now import contacts from a CSV file and automatically create folders that will be associated with those contacts.  When you send a document for signing to an entire group of contacts we will do all the heavy lifting including filing of signed documents in appropriate folders.  See the step-by-step guide here.

Feel free to share this newsletter and do contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

Kind regards,