Your cloud space is now sky high. 

Our Personal Account users now have up to 3GB of free cloud space.  Professional Account users: 10GB and our Business Account users: up to 50GB of space!

Not enough? You can upgrade by logging in and going to ‘prices’.

Introducing in-tray.

In-tray holds documents that came from people who do not share any folders with you (yet).  You decide whether to accept the files or to reject them.  If you accept the files, their senders will be able to continue sending you documents (using your email address).  If you reject them, any subsequent files from these senders will be ignored.  You can always change our mind later by going to Account Settings.

In-tray is always the topmost folder on your home screen.  

Granular access right to suit your needs.

You can invite a user to a folder or even an individual file and grant them one of several access levels.  From ‘you can only see that the files exist’, through ‘you can send me files but cannot take them out’ all the way to ‘you can do anything with the folder or a file, even grant access to other people’.  Use this power with caution.   You can always change our mind later by going to Folder or File Settings.