5 Tips For A Successful Client Onboarding Process

5 Tips For A Successful Client Onboarding Process

The need to see new accounts securely and efficiently onboarded is an essential part of modern client-based business. As with any necessary business procedure that repeats regularly, the process of client onboarding should be optimised in every way possible.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways that client onboarding software can help your team to run a more successful client onboarding flow. For our five leading suggestions, read on.

First Impressions Count 

As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is demonstrably the case when it comes to bringing a new client onboard. The first actions taken and impressions made will inevitably set an expectation in the level of service that a client can expect from your business.

As a result, onboarding should be a carefully considered process. By investing in the experience that your new clients received, you can show that real care and attention has been paid. The level of finesse that a business can convey when running onboarding as a series of ad hoc emails and linked files is limited. The process feels insecure, unstructured and, frankly, unimpressive.

In direct contrast, a great way of demonstrating dedication to a smooth introduction for your clients is to leverage dedicated software to streamline the experience. MyDocSafe provides all the tools you need to create a polished onboarding experience. Smaller businesses can benefit from the boost to flexibility they’ll receive, while our enterprise clients can enjoy fully customisable workflows, where any action, permission, input and back office workflow is possible.

Build Trust 

A carefully designed client onboarding flow lays the foundation for your future relationship. As a result, it’s important that attention is paid to the establishment of trust, right from the earliest stages of communication and engagement.

An onboarding process also provides the groundwork for fruitful ongoing collaboration. Care should be paid when it comes to ensuring that the client is set up for success, and this usually means the collection of data, to build up a more complete picture of their circumstances and unique needs. 

By including surveys within your client onboarding flow, the whole experience of soliciting necessary information is streamlined and elevated. The client’s time has been respected, as you incorporate essential data collection seamlessly into their onboarding process. This represents a much more efficient process than bombarding them with questions via email in advance of getting the onboarding procedure underway.

The safe, streamlined collection of client data in this manner is a fantastic building block for establishing trust from the start of your collaboration. MyDocSafe gives you the chance to really showcase security in this area, reassuring clients that all data is stored fully encrypted, in your jurisdiction. Clients have autonomy from the get go, managing their own logins, while admins have the ability to apply two factor authentication. With full white label capacity available, it’s easy to attribute this reassuring service to your own business’s branding.

Keep Up Momentum

Lost or maintained – business deals within all verticals live and die as a result of momentum. When it comes to the onboarding stage, the finish line is in sight and it’s essential to keep the process moving forward without any unnecessary impediment. Don’t risk a deal stalling or allow second thoughts to start to creep in.

A solid onboarding experience will keep up momentum and capitalize on the valuable, elevated client enthusiasm. If you’re onboarding via email, with every next stage of progression dependent on a reply (either from the client or yourself), the process is inefficient at best – highly likely to be sluggish, or derailed by questions and other business.

Don’t risk losing an account or new deal by keeping clients waiting. Automations offer a solution when it comes to keeping things moving forward. By running an automated client onboarding flow, notifications, reminders and documents for signing or approval can be automatically triggered, enabling onboarding progression to seamlessly cascade from start to finish.

MyDocSafe enables the full digital transformation of your onboarding process, allowing you to create flexible workflows that chain together each and every step necessary to get your clients onboarded and benefiting from your services. 

Showcase Security 

As digital transformation becomes established and more services and professional workflows move online, it’s never been more important to demonstrate a respect for your clients and their data via top level security. 

Email-based onboarding doesn’t show this level of care and consideration – in fact, you could even be putting your client in an uncomfortable position by asking them to send sensitive information in this manner.

Keep the whole onboarding process ring-fenced and secure by using dedicated client onboarding software, such as MyDocSafe. From encryption to granular access to branded client portals, data is kept ring fenced and encrypted with bank-grade algorithms. As a cloud-based solution, your clients can be reassured that their access won’t be sacrificed in exchange for this top level security.

Keep Things Custom 

The perfect onboarding system needs to balance efficiency of process against the client experience being delivered. This means locating the sweet spot between the convenience of templated onboarding workflows with the ability to easily customise them.

With MyDocSafe, smart leverage of automation means that the onboarding process can reconfigure itself on the fly, based on client or business choices made (such as ‘product selection’, ‘specific personal circumstances’, ‘jurisdiction of the client’ etc.) This means that even within a templated solution, a greater level of personalisation is enabled, for every single client.

Beyond these automated “in flow” adaptations, it’s also important to keep your onboarding process efficient by considering the need to tweak and fine tune the flows developed for each new client – learning from experience and adding the nuanced details that will make all the difference when it comes to establishing their speedy, secure and satisfying set up.

Transform Your Client Onboarding Process

MyDocSafe’s flexible, functional client onboarding software offers the perfect opportunity to improve the experience for everyone involved when bringing new business into play. From establishing and perfecting in-house best practices, through to creating a well-branded, rock solid foundation of trust to build your ongoing relationship upon, MyDocSafe saves you time and effort getting clients onboarded in a secure, polished manner.

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