Google drive
MyDocSafe Integration

MyDocSafe document
management and Google Drive

MyDocSafe document management lets you import and export documents directly from and to Google Drive.

1. Getting Started

Step 1.a.

Login to MyDocSafe, then click on Home / Settings / Integrations and select Google Drive. Please note that by enabling the integration you will make the Drive accessible to all internal users.

MyDocSafe Google Drive Integration screen
Step 1.b.

Select an appropriate Google account you would like to connect with.

mydocsafe and google drive
Step 1.c.

As the last step, click 'Continue' to approve the connection.

mydocsafe and google drive

2. Data flow diagram

mydocsafe and google drive

3. FAQ

How can I disconnect Google Drive from MyDocSafe

Go to Home / Settings / Integrations / Google Drive and click 'disconnect'

What doesn’t your integration do?

We do not synchronise documents in real time. The integration is meant to be used for importing and exporting of files and folder in a manual faction, on as needed basis.

When and how does data sync occur?

Data synch occurs in real time when the user triggers the action. We send the task to a queue which is then performed in the background. You can resume your work inside MyDocSafe while the task completes.

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