February 2024 release notes

MyDocSafe - create Prospects

We have now released Prospects

  • Prospects is a type of a portal group which lets you send quotes and proposales (“SalesFlows”) to users by email.   You can create as many Prospect groups as you need

MyDocSafe Prospect Group

  • Recipients do not need to have portal access.  The proposals will arrive by email and will be accessible through a link

Invite to MyDocSafe proposal

  • Customers with legacy Proposals module can now uninstall it. Once uninstalled, the new functionality will be enabled automatically, including SalesFlows, a section in Home which can store your service information and pricing.

MyDocSafe uninstall Proposals

  • Proposals look and feel like workfows, except that they do not need login credentials to access (to reduce any friction).  They can include videos, list of services and prices, a request for payment via Stripe, a request to go through ID verification via Yoti, a request to sign an agreement and bespoke message pages.  The Proposal colour schema and logos will respect your account branding.

MyDocSafe new quote