Customer Success Manager

Job Description

You will be responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty (for existing clients) and help free trial users make the most of the experience (for potential customers). Your job will be to work closely with customers or free trial users to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction. You will get to know the products we offer inside out so that you can provide first line of technical support to customers with the goal to keep them satisfied and loyal. You will also uncover unmet needs and feed them back to the Product Team.

Duties and Responsibilities

Perform online demos

You will need to lead online product demonstrations and be able to answer prodding questions about the product, its functionality, security, and future development roadmap.

Provide Technical and Product Support

You will get to know our products inside and out. You will be called upon to provide technical support to customers or to provide training on our products. You may even help customers plan and understand the best ways to utilize our software based on the customer’s business needs or business plans. You will not focus on making sales, rather on educating our customers on the flexibility and capabilities of our software so customers are encouraged to continue using us.

Organise and run online webinars

Run online webinars for existing and potential clients, taking them through new feature releases, product roadmap, Q&A and sometimes. Webinars may include hosting guest speakers who represent our channel partners.

Establish Customer Support Practices

In time you may also be responsible for creating policies and procedures that optimize the customer experience. You may gather feedback from customers, study other customer success programs and analyse customer data to identify the best practices.