Free fall: Cut your MyDocSafe subscription cost to ZERO

MyDocSafe Price Promotion

Let us brighten your January with an easy way to cut your subscription cost!

Get 10% off your licence fee for each subscriber you bring.

This means:

1 free licence for 10 subscribers you bring

2 free licences for 20 subscribers you bring


How does it work:

  • Recommend us to your clients or friends
  • Once they subscribe, tell us about it. We will mark them as ‘referred by you’.
  • At the end of each year of your subscription we will check how many active subscriptions you brought us. We then apply the discount and process partial or full refund of your licence fee.
  • We repeat that process EVERY year, so as long as there are at least 10 active subscribers in the previous 12 month period, your licence remains free.
  • This discount does not apply to ‘extras’ such as QES, extra portal users, ID checks etc.


I have 5 company users. How do I cut that cost to 0?

Bring us 50 subscribers who stay with us for the full year.

What if I have 5 company users and I bring you 50 subscribers but they all cancel after 6 months?

Your discount will be 50% after the first year and no discount in the second year.

What if I bring you subscribers who stay with you “for ever”.

You will benefit from the discount also “for ever”.

Can the subscribers I bring also benefit from this promotion?

Yes, if they bring their clients, they can also get a discount or refund on same terms as described here.   Another reason to tell them about us!

What if my referred clients sign up gradually throughout the year?

We calculate pro-rata discount based on the number of months they paid.  For example, if you start with 5 company users in January and refer 50 clients who all sign up but only in December, your discount for the year will be 1/12 (8.33%).