Portals – a (brief) tutorial for portal users

Welcome to MyDocSafe portals!

In this brief introduction, we will explain what you will see once you set up your login credentials and login for the first time. Your dashboard is likely to look a little like the picture below.   Do not get alarmed if what you see in your account looks different.  It is likely that your portal provider uses different colors and different portal configuration tabs but the principles should remain the same.  It may be that after you login you are presented with a specific workflow which asks you to fill out a questionnaire or sign a document.   If that is the case jump to the ‘Workflows’ section below.


Your Portal Dahsboard

Here we will just explain the principles of how MyDocSafe account looks like from your perspetive.

mydocsafe client portal dashboard 1

  • If you see a Switch button, it means that you have access to more than one portal provider or MyDocSafe account.  You may be able to switch to another portal provider, or even to your own MyDocSafe account using the Switch button.  In the picture below, we are in the “Wealth Management Limited” account where we can see two different portals: “My Company”, and “My Charity”.
  • If you would like to adjust your personal settings, click on the round icon in the top right corner.
  • All documents you ever signed or need to sign will be visible in your personsal Signatures Dashboard.  Even after your access to the portal is removed, you will retain access to the Signatures Dashboard since it stores your own copies of documents you signed.

mydocsafe client portal dashboard 2

Entering a portal

Clicking on a portal name (“My Charity” or “My Company” above) leads to inside a portal, specifically into the Home tab.

  • Each tab of every portal will take you to a specific folder where you may find documents, questionnaires, chat, workflows or even subportals.
  • If your portal provider set up a tutorial or an introductory video, it will be visible as a button to the right of the portal name.
  • To upload documents, just drag/drop them into an appropropriate tab or use the ‘+’ button to locate them on your computer.
  • You can approve documents located in your portals just by right clicking on them and choosing ‘approve’.
  • If you are sent a document requiring a signature, the Signatures Dashboard will show a red icon. You will also receive an email with a link to the document.

mydocsafe client portal dashboard 3


To start a worklfow, go to an appropriate tab and click ‘Start Workflow’ button.  It may also happen that the workflow will start straight after you login.

mydocsafe client portal dashboard 4

A typical workflow looks like this:

  • Steps are marked on the left hand side
  • If a step has a grey circle around its number, it means it is not yet accessible
  • User ‘next’, ‘submit’ or ‘close’ buttons to navigate across the workflow.

mydocsafe client portal dashboard 5

If you have specific questions about your portal, please contact your portal provider.

The portals are free to you – your portal provider pays us for the technology.   However, note that even after your portal access is terminated you will receive a free vault from us which will store signed copies of your documents.


It is possible that MyDocSafe could also work for your business, whether it is just for e-sign or for more complex requirements such as portals, workflows, questionnaires or quotes & proposals. If you would like to try out a free account, use the link in the footer of your account.