MyDocSafe for Enterprise

We are your digital transformation partner for document workflow automation.

Brank grade security. ISO27001 certified.

Proprietary digital signature technology for all use cases. Qualified signatures available.

End-to-end automation of complex stakeholder onboarding processes (clients, employees, vendors, investors)

Blockchain enabled and blockchain agnostic. Certificates of authenticity.

Fully white labelled including mobile apps.

Use case 1: Client onboarding

  • MyDocSafe can deliver client onboarding workflows that not only improve your cusotmer satisfaction but also make both your sales and compliance teams happy.
  • The workflows can accommodate even the most demanding requirements: from self-service product selection, on-the-fly reconfiguration of questionnaires and underlying documents, ID verification and contract signing all the way to back-office risk assessment workflows.
  • Your sales people will not even have to login to MyDocSafe to trigger onboarding workflows – they will be able to do it via our Outlook plugin.
  • Our track record within wealth management and real estate sectors includes end-to-end client onboarding of individuals, families and companies from multiple jurisditions.

Use case 2: Bespoke client portal solutions

  • Transform deal rooms into an upselling and client communication platform, that will help you increase revenue and improve efficiency
  • Embed client onboarding for first time users
  • Add in-app product signup workflows including one-off and recurring payments and invoice creation
  • Configure customer journeys including product selection, payment, KYC/AML, contracts and data collection
  • Combine both ‘upselling’ and ‘project delivery’ portals into one, seamless client experience

Use case 3: Invoice fraud detection (beta)

  • Invoice fraud is a growing problem that costs businesses hundreds of millions per year. Read more here
  • Boost security with a trustless, Blockchain-based system
  • Even if our own database is compromised and populated with fraudster’s bank details the system will still not approve the invoice because every such action requires a comparison of ‘fingerprints’ of bank details with a public ledger.
  • Automate and secure vendor onboarding process
    • Design and deploy end-to-end onboarding workflows for a fully automated vendor on-boarding experience.
    • Automate approval of changed vendor details, especially bank account details.

Use case 4: Internal approval systems for fund portfolio transactions

  • Automate complex approval workflows for third party traders who use your trading and custodial platform.
  • Manage multiple trader relationships within a single umbrella account
  • Accommodate approvals that require chain of command
  • Include rebalance, restructure and fund replacements instructions

How do we work?

  • Most of our projects include three distinct phases:
    • Fixed charge initial discovery phase that ends with a full workflow specification and a quote (2-4 weeks)
    • Implementation phase of the agreed workflow specification (4-12 weeks)
    • User testing phase with internal stakeholders culminating in product launch (2-4 weeks)
  • Following product handover, you are in control of most elements of the workflows:
    • questionnaires
    • document templates
  • We will always be there to help you fine tune the structure of your workflows, add new features or cover new use cases.

Why work with us?

  • Low risk “dicovery” engagement will give you comfort about how we work and what we can deliver
  • Quick turnaround time speeds your time to market.  All of that thanks to our set of bre-built “Lego-like” workflow elements that minimises bespoke software development

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