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Access the power of MyDocSafe platform with this exclusive deal offered to Grantify customers

Claim £1,000 credit on your subscription today!

Details of the deal

£1,000 credit:

  1. To be used within 6 months
  2. Can be used on your subscription:
    1. Internal users
    2. External portal users
    3. Advanced MyDocSafe digital signature
    4. Proposals
  3. You will still be charged for:
    1. Qualified digital signatures
    2. ID verification tests

How to claim it?

  1. Start a 7 day free trial
  2. Email and send them your unique coupon
  3. After the trial expires, subscribe to the lowest subscription plan
  4. Our Customer Services Team will apply the coupon to your account and refund the initial subscription cost

What happens next?

  1. If during the initial 6 months you use any of the premium services (ID tests, QES), we will bill you for these monthly in arrears.
  2. After the 6 months your account will automatically transition into normal billing charges unless you cancel.
  3. If you use up your credit before 6 months, the billing will start sooner.



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