August 2023 release notes

Welcome to our August 2023 release notes

We have changed the name format of documents signed with MyDocSafe

Docusign sends you 2 files:

  1. A summary document
  2. A pdf with this file format: Complete_with_Docusign_XXX where XXX is the file name of the original document

We create a single document with the summary appended to it.  The file name convention used to be “XXX (signed), [date dd/mm/yyyy] [time hh:mm:ss] [timezone].pdf”, where XXX is the file name.  However, we have recently discovered that some Zip applications (notably the default zip app on Windows 10) really dislikes special characters which we used in the date and time format.  We therefore decided to change the name format to “XXX – signed with MyDocSafe”.  The date stamp of the document is still in the certificate, and is also displayed in the Home dashboard, therefore no information is lost.  The benefit of course, is that opening downloaded Zipped files on Windows10 will not cause further issues.

I hope that Docusign and Docusign competitors will take notice – two files is simply too much hassle.  Now whether or not Windows 10 Zip app dislike for special characters is justified is beyond the scope of this note.


The rest of this release is all about optimisation and bug fixes, the most important one, we believe, was to amend the ‘file download’ feature.  We no longer use compression when a user downloads a single file.  The file will be downloaded in its original size and format instead.  We do agreed with the feedback:  opening a Zip archive for a single document is just too much hassle.    Thank you all who contacted us for that feedback.

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