4 Ways MyDocSafe eForms Help Transform Your Customer Experience

MyDocSafe eforms

4 Ways MyDocSafe eForms Help Transform Your Customer Experience

In the wake of digital transformation accelerated by a global pandemic, businesses are increasingly turning to smart, adaptive digital tools, in order to meet the rising expectations of their customers and clients.

When it comes to efficiency and functionality, eForms represent something of a “Swiss army knife” – compact, adaptable and with the ability to help in almost any situation.

Whether you’re looking to collect information, permissions, authentication or responses, eForms provide the perfect interface  to safely collect data –  in a way that delights your clients, builds trust and progresses relationships reliably.

In this article, we’ll explore four key ways that MyDocSafe eForms can help improve your customer experience.

Ultimate Convenience & Speed With Smart Prefilling  

The days of manual form-filling, at face-to-face meetings, feel a long time ago. Whereas physical paperwork could (and would) once be completed in real time with the client, or prefilled in advance of a meeting, today expectations have shifted. Digital forms offer much more convenience, but busy customers still expect much of the “leg work” to be done for them.

To deliver an exemplary customer experience, the speed and convenience of digital forms should be complemented by as much intelligent prefilling as possible. Not only does this ensure an easier experience for your customer or client, you’ll also be more certain of accuracy – with data being pulled from verified sources, eliminating human error.

MyDocSafe eForms are able to prefill fields by accessing multiple different data sources, from accurate Address Look Up from the Post Office, through to direct import of company information from Companies House.


Smooth Progression With Logic Flows 

EForms offer speed, functionality and convenience, but if they’re to be completed autonomously by the user, they should ideally be responsive. Forms need to be able to intelligently adapt as information is added and choices are made – either to reveal new options and requests, to conceal irrelevant sections or to recognise approval.

While some forms will be able to perform a simple role without the use of logic flows, the scope and range of what can be achieved by applying these is considerable. The objective is to extend the functionality of the form (allowing it to achieve more complex outcomes, without the need for any manual interpretation or adjustment.)

Procedural logic, nested “if” statements, event-driven logic and paths of authority can all help to increase the steady flow of progress. Used in combination, logic flows offer a huge amount of additional functionality to eForms and extend the scope of what they can be used to accomplish.

MyDocSafe eForms can easily adapt based on specified conditional questions and, depending on the selections users make, can use embedded logic to reveal or hide parts of the form. Time can also be saved by inserting automated efficiencies, for example if a form isn’t completed by a certain date, reminder notifications can be sent.


Dependable Access With Embedded Forms In Portals 

When interacting with clients, access to information should be seamless – for all parties involved. Your clients expect an intuitive experience, and will appreciate the ability to find everything they need within one convenient and dedicated portal. 

By embedding eForms within client portals with MyDocSafe, your business can benefit from clearer organization, more nuanced internal access permissions, better operational efficiency and ultimately, happier clients, who are able to easily locate and submit their information without the inconvenience of a lengthy email chain. Information that needs to be gathered on a regular basis, for example, timesheets, can be easily templated and applied to multiple accounts, as relevant. 


On-The-Go Convenience with Digitised Data & Signing

Data security is, of course, of paramount importance. However, clients also expect to be able to quickly input necessary information in a convenient and digitised manner. As a business, you need to be able to give them the functionality to complete forms and grant permissions on the go, at the same time as retaining the ability to see what they’ve submitted and track progress.  This is where digitally signing eForms becomes important – with that feature you kill more than two birds with one stone: 

  • your team and the client can edit data already submitted at a later stage
  • you can download that data in digital format or export it via our API to your back office systems
  • you obtain a PDF representation of the submitted data that has been digitally signed, giving you a proof of what has been submitted.

Without making eForms accessible in a mobile format, you’ll risk slowing down deal progression and onboarding flows. By digitising forms, you also have better access to data in a downloadable format, and access to a clearer digital “paper trail,” enabling better auditing and compliance.

Gain better knowledge of your clients through improved collection of and access to data – there’s no limit to the type of information or permission that can be gathered through MyDocSafe eForms. For example, we recently created a custom widget to enable investment model rebalancing – enabling clients to easily edit funding ratios, confirm their approval of these changes and return to their wealth manager to be actioned.


Ready To Improve Customer Experience Through Eforms?

In today’s competitive market, every opportunity to improve customer experience – and trust – should be taken. When it comes to dependable digital tools, few are more beneficial or adaptable than eForms. 

Keeping product-related workflows efficient and scalable – especially if you intend to grow – is critically important, and eForms can play a key role in achieving this, all while enhancing customer experience.

MyDocSafe offers an intuitive, highly functional way of creating and leveraging these eForms, integrating them into a wider system of documentation management that keeps your client engaged, progressing and fully invested in the valuable service you provide.

A fast route to better data and happier clients? 

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